Bela Thacker of Zayver Jewels Growing up as a child, Bela often spend the summers with her cousin Sheetal reading books, exchanging gifts, and shopping for jewelry. Over the years, her passion for books led her to a career in academia but her love for the exquisite intricacies of jewels was never far behind. 

Bela's one-of-a-kind pieces are reminiscent of her international travels.  Her entire collection is comprised of pieces made from semi-precious stones, crystals, brass, silver,  and gold plating while also featuring a unique blend of contemporary and traditional styles and colors. 

Each country's influence brings an individual sense of design and flair, making every piece in the collection vibrant, unique, and timeless. Zayver Jewels represents the global woman in all of us with pieces to suite every mood and every moment in our lives. For Bela, jewelry shouldn’t represent the superficial or the superfluous but rather the true celebration of life, friendship, spirituality, and love.